Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Bundle Of Joy

It has been a long long time since I have blogged ...... wat close to 4 years..phew!!!
These days I am mostly into blog trotting ... food blogs :D
So much has happened since, that chronicling it here would go on and on boring the hell out of everyone :)
Well to summarise things I am still working ,got married and am now a proud (and a very much sleep depraved) parent of a one and half year old !!! ...
Yes it seems so unbelievable that now there is someone who is calling me Amma ...OMG!
Its a magical journey, parenthood, not entirely a fairytale let me warn you though, there are moments when you are close to losing your patience, those long sleepless nights accentuated by the wails of an infant.
Yet in spite of all this if you ask me if I would ever want to go through all this again, I would surprisingly say YES.. Its quite an out of the world experience that first time you held your newborn, the first time he calls you AMMA, the look on his face when you walk into the room, the welcome you get when you are back from office............Priceless!!!!!

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