Monday, July 2, 2012

Drunk Chocolate Coffee Cake

This cake is born out of love of 2 things, Coffee and Chocolate!!!
No other way to describe this cake as it sits in a bath of coffee syrup and not so whipped cream!
It was nearly a disastrous adventure the baking of this , and though the end result was not bad, it taught me to go through the ingredients handy before starting a venture as risky as baking , where measurements and correct ingredients are the key to success (though we have all tweaked them here and there)....
I started making this cake with great gusto, sifted the flour added it to the wet ingrediants and was all but ready to put it in the oven when I realised that i was out of baking powder :(
There was no time to run out and get some and I was just plain frustrated with myself for forgetting it.
I bravely decided to go ahead with this as it was and was not entirely disapponited.
It was not the usual silky soft texture, was a little hard , even though I soaked it with more than usual coffee syrup.
Sprinkled some whipped cream and some pralines on top, and nobody was complaining.


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