Friday, July 13, 2012

Rain Eludes Bangalore

As rain gods continue to elude Bangalore, I am trying to think of something apt for this weather.
Its not unbearably hot here (as I type this I am being frozen to perfection by our Office AC , but it is pretty warm outside, though wouldn't come close to what we have in Kerala), nor is it humid, nor is it too cold (its a mix n match weather)-- kind of weird is what it is, but I am not complaining!!!
So this out of season weather calls for some out of season delicacy ... and my pick is Nan Khatai (I have no idea what is the relation between NanKhatai's and weather, i think this AC is working up to my brain now and I'm blabbing )
My friend in office recently professed his love for this Indian biscuit/cookie and embarked on a trip down memory lane , how they used to get them from road side vendors who carried it in big Glass dubbas over their head and sold them from street to street.
Apparently they were the best...hmmmm now since I did not have any such fond memories(tastes) either in my head or on my tongue I realised the time was ripe to make one of these at home and maybe these guys could tell me if they taste like they are supposed to!!!

So that sets the plan for this week..NanKhatai it is.......
I have been eyeing many recipes for this on various blogs and wanted to try out the original one before I embark on any of the modern(read healthy) deviations...
Armed with one such recipe, I go forth.

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